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Friday, April 08, 2011

Good Run: Shake Yo' Booty-Tail (Good Housekeeping Family Fun Run 2011)

After all those meetings, and everything about running and dogs and running and dogs (yep, that's no typo error) for the Pet Express Doggie Run, MY RUNS and MY DOGS ironically took a backseat. You can just imagine how envious I was seeing all the other dog lovers running with their four-legged running buddies. But of course, all that "seeing green" just took a nanosecond before it was quickly replaced with excitement, happiness, and overwhelming gratitude at the successful outcome of the run.

So when another run opened its doors to the canine kind, you can bet that I'd be there, dragging my running buddy and its furry behind ASAP!

The Good Housekeeping Family Fun Run 2011 (pets included!) was held at the Manila Ocean Park last April 3. I decided to bring our golden retriever, Phoebe, to run with this time. (My dachshund, Imp, ran a 3K in last year's dog run while BFF Phoebe cheered him on. Imp ran with my sister. I was working as one of the organizers. So, yeah, green with envy! ;P)

RACE DAY- Phoebe and I piled into the car and set off to Luneta Park. And, in true Phoebe form, as soon as the car doors opened, out she rushed excitedly wagging her booty-tail as we ran from one end of Luneta to the Grandstand. Apparently, pacing was NOT an option.

Phoebe was already all pooped out (Really. We had to make a "quick stop"...) before the 1K Pet Run, that when the actual race started, we had to take it slow and took a few walking breaks in between that looooooong stretch. But who cares? We ran, we finished, we had a whole lotta fun! It's always a blast running with (wo)man's best friend. Always.

{It's Phoebe's first official race. Woo-hoo!}

{Good Houskeeping family fun!}

{Hanging out with dogTV peeps: host John Hendrix, Sugar, and Marvin}

{The unveiling of Summit's Good Dog Magazine.}

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