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Thursday, December 09, 2010

A Sea of Feet (Seen Fit)

{Sea of Feet}

While everyone was fast asleep enjoying the non-working Monday (Salamat, Andres Bonifacio!), a bunch of crazy runners were up and off, shedding their shoes for the 1st Annual RUN BAREFOOT Clinic 2010 held in SM Mall of Asia.

Terra Plana Philippines (purveyor of the EVO and Dopie brand ethical shoes) brought in the famed barefoot running author, Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee (now Mrs. Sandler) to introduce minimalist running to the Philippine running community. The barefooted duo have experienced running on dirt, on cobblestoned streets, and even on icy terrain!

What on earth must their feet look like, eh? Surprisingly enough, their feet look normal and healthy. That's because the natural movement and unconstricted bare feet provides more relief and comfort for your feet. Apparently, your feet adapts and strengthens over time (and practice), which eventually leads to better posture and a more toned body. Now, that part I like!

But let's go back to running.

First agenda on the clinic- Take off your socks and shoes. Barefoot running is all about being one with your environment. Being able to feel the ground actually makes you a better runner. Every crack, every pebble, every flex you feel contributes to an overall running experience. Your feet muscles will be tougher, stronger, more flexible. Your running form will change and adapt to the natural way of running- landing on the mid to front foot instead of the heel. This is turn, will make you more nimble and lighter on your feet. You'll also be less prone to injuries as well, since you'll have, well, balls of steel (I meant the ones on your feet, of course!).

As all changes go, this adaptation will take some time getting used to. Michael Sandler suggests a few distances per day would be ideal. Maybe just 200-500 meters, if you're just starting out. In time, you can add more distance. Alternating between minimalist shoes (I dare not go all out barefoot in Manila streets, so shoes like EVOs or Vibrams is ideal) and your regular thick-soled running shoes is the way to go.

Then just sit back, relax, and eventually see, just how natural running barefoot can be.

NOTE: To know more about running barefoot, check out Michael and Jessica's blog at 

{Barefoot Runner/Author, Michael Sandler}
{Testing Ground}

{Soiled or Sparkly?}

{Ingenious Barefoot Running Gadget}
{Flex those toe muscles!}

{Terra Plana shoes are made from recycled PET bottles!
How cool is that?}

{VivoBarefoot's running shoe, The Evo, will make running second nature.}

{Click here for more benefits in going minimalist.}

{Complimentary Chewy Junior Cream Puffs for breakfast. Yum!}

{Meeting Michael Sandler}
{Jason DLR & Me}
{Meet the feet behind Barefoot Running Philippines.}
{Dave and Dindo with Jessica Lee and Michael Sandler of Barefoot Running book.}

The Terra Plana barefoot runners recently completed the Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon, a full 42K in minimalist running shoes, with 35-barefoot runners tied all together. Congratulations, BFRs, lah! =)


  1. Wow, seems like fun ah :P You could never make me do it though hahah :) Cool stuff Janine!

  2. Hey Luis! Something new is always fun. ;) Abangan ang susunod na kabanata. hehe



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