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Friday, December 24, 2010

44:1:10:57 and Counting

Please check if your information is correct?...

I've decided early on that I'll be running the 16K at the Condura Skyway Marathon on Feb 6, 2011. As much as I wanted a third 42K under my belt (with kick-ass PR breaking results, of course!), I knew that I wasn't physically and mentally ready to head on to the challenge. Upon registering, I was still tempted to just vie for the full and just "wing it" on race day. But since I told myself that my next full mary attempt should be properly trained for (the first two were somewhat trained for, then Bahala na si Batman attitudes), I had to deliberate between the 21K and 16K distances instead.

I haven't done a half marathon for a while, so it's a toss up between missing-long-distance-runs and not-feeling-ready-for-long-distance-runs. As of this post, there is still 44:1:10:57 time to train, so the half mary wasn't really an issue, but more of a What to run? What to run?. In the end, I chose the 16K, simply because I wanted to complete my Condura collection. ;) haha.

I must say, registering for the Condura Skyway Marathon was way easier than deciding from the many race distances to choose from (3/5/10/16/21/42K) . I registered on the spot in Greenbelt 3 (in front of Asics store), but online registration is also available.

Step 1- Fill out the electronic forms. Wait for the printout.
Step 2- Pay the registration fee.
Step 3- Pick out your shirt size.
Step 4- Claim your race pack.
Step 5- Indulge in the Hersheys chocolate bar that came with the pack!

{e-Registration Set Up in Greenbelt 3}
{Love the dri-fit shirts. So light and airy!}

{Woo-hoo! All set.
Now, time to cram training...}
Oh, by the way, Merry Christmas, everyone! ;)

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  1. Hi Janine, I noticed that the starting and finish lines are in separate locations. Do you know if there will be transportation to and from these areas? This could be a deal breaker for me. I can also join only from 10k to 16k max.

    Dindo - runningdatcom



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