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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Adiós, el Fútbol. Hola de Nuevo, Correr!

Adiós, FIFA. Voy a verlo en Brasil el año 2014.
(Goodbye, FIFA World Cup. I shall see you in Brazil in 2014)
To those who didn't know, the FIFA World Cup 2010 finals boiled down to the orange team (Team Oranje) against the red furies (La Furia Roja). Netherlands V Spain.
To add more excitement to the championships, I made a deal with the Universe. If Netherlands come out victorious, I run in the Amsterdam Marathon (October). If Spain wins, I go on a sabbatical and do artsy-fartsy stuff in Barcelona.
2010 FIFA World Champions- Spain! Hmm, I guess I can squeeze in the Barcelona Marathon (March) as well. ;) How's that for a win-win situation? Channeling "The Secret"...
.And now that the month long football fever is over, we can hopefully go back to our regular programming- running!
Hello again, my friend. I missed you terribly.



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