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Monday, July 26, 2010

Wow, Legs! Ow, Lungs. And a Happy Anniversary.

{Running Personalized}

When I started running (and then blogging) a few years ago, I would arm myself with weekly races I've googled through two running websites- The Bull Runner and Then fledgling websites, I've witnessed their steady and successful growth as I built my running "career" with those websites at my fingertips. I've ran two marathons since.
And now, celebrates their 2nd anniversary with- surprise, surprise- a run!
This was easily one of the more popular races due to its personalized paraphernalia (singlets, race bibs, race banderitas- IF you can find your name among the 4,000++). Add to the fact that the running community just keeps multiplying, the support is simply awesome.
Personally, my time sucked. haha. It was like going back in a time machine, and logging a PR as if this was my first 10K run (Eeeps!). But just like going back in time, I was enjoying the run, as if it was indeed, my first 10K run. Sure, my lungs felt like it hasn't been used for a while (in fairness, it really wasn't). But my legs felt terrific just running away, especially since those things haven't been used in a while as well! I was running just like when I started running. No iPod, no watch, no frills, no expectations. Just rusty, old me, the road, and a new favorite drink, Powerade Red. Yep, now you're right up there with Gatorade Blue. ;)
Congratulations to Jinoe and Que and the soon-to-be little runner for a successful run (and I mean that in more ways than one)!

{With Per}

{It's only apt to be with my first running buddies.}

Download the Runfest results here.


  1. Ahh. Kailangan ba chinese ang comment? Ni Hao. :D
    Thanks for joining Runfest. Sana nag enjoy kayo. Hope to have a better one next year. Xie Xie. :D

  2. Hi Janine, I think I saw you at the RunFest but I was dumb-thinking and trying to dig my rusty memory lane of where did I saw you, teehee... See you on the next races.

  3. @Jinoe: hahaha. I need some techie advice. How do I get rid of these spammers once and for all. Baka kung magtagalog nalang ako sa mga blog entries ko...

    @Running Atom: Heya! Yup, was there, slow and steady. ;)

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