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Monday, June 28, 2010

My Rockstar Name is Drowned Cat (Rock and Run 2010)

{Photo cat-napped from}
{Yes, this was exactly what I looked like after my run.}
{Well, maybe except for that murderous expression- I do love running in the rain.}

Despite the heavy, nay, TORRENTIAL rains, all runners of shape, size, and race distance trooped down to Bonifacio High Street to experience the one of a kind run slash concert on a very wet Saturday night.
A gung-ho fan of novelty running events, I was a little bit hesitant to don my fauxhawk (fake mohawk) and stick-on skull tattoos to match my all black ensemble from the sudden fear of looking ridiculous- not to mention the hassle of running a 10K with a roadkill on my head. But with a lot of prodding from my entourage, PerPer Oven (on loan from Running Fatboy) and B, I decided to just go, run, and put my rockstar game face on.
After a few kilometers and some surprised looks, running with my fauxhawk under the pelting rain was just plain fun. I felt like a kid playing dress up with the bonus of playing in the rain!
The first 5 kilometers were relatively easy. The rain was painful (it felt like needles!) but a far better alternative than a humid night. And just as the rain stopped beating down on us, so did my endurance. Was it psychological? I suddenly felt exhausted, not to mention feeling like I had a really, really heavy head.
Oh, wait. I did.
By the time I reached the 8th kilometer, it took all my neck muscles just to balance my soaked hair + fake hair. It was literally a pain in the neck for the next 2 kilometers. Let me tell you, crossing that finishline never felt so light.
I love running in the rain. So this run was simply enjoyable. Add live music to the equation, and it was easily a winner in my book. Too bad that the concert along the route was dampened by the heavy rains. Safety of the participants (not to mention the expensive electrical equipment) comes first, after all. Nevertheless, this run still rocked my Saturday night!
{Ace runner, Jayson. Idol!}

{Ohhhh yeeaaaah. Rock it, B!}

{My fauxhawk never stood a chance...}
{Note to self: Next year.}


  1. Hi there.. wasn't able to see you on this event. I enjoyed most of the part of the event though it was raining, like you, I love running under the rain.

    Oh, I just want to invite you also on the upcoming Run to Read 2010 on August 15. :)



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