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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Q. What's Better Than Running?

A. Running for charity, of course!
I'm sure most of us have had the chance to volunteer for a worthy movement in one point of our lives. It feels quite good, doesn't it? And for those who can't, it's nice that there's always that option to run for a cause. ;)
The upcoming Globe Run for Home 2010's beneficiary is extra significant for me. I've had the opportunity to help out in Habitat for Humanity a number of times, so I know where the money raised is going to. (We) traded running shoes for mud-wading rubber boots and set out to work alongside the would-be homeowners. The experience is a lot of hard work, and will leave your body stiff and your muscles aching after those grueling hours under the sweltering heat. Very much like running a marathon, don't you think? And like running, the rewards you reap after is just as sweet. Oh, and don't forget that natural high!
{Spongebob is ready to run at Globe Run for Home 2010.}

{The birthday girl on her Birthday Build.}
{This run's for you, mate!}
{And since you're now a continent away...
Thank God for LIVE FACEBOOK UPDATES! How cool! hehe}


{My k2 gang will be sitting this run out...
because they ran out of race kits!}

{Wow, I guess this is another jam-packed run for the books.}

(I'll be running the half marathon. See you all on Sunday!)


Five reasons why you don’t want to miss out on the running event of the year:

1. RUN AROUND MAKATI CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT Be one of the first ever to run around the Makati Central Business District. Run For Home 2010 will be the first run to use this route. It will start and end at the Ayala Triangle Garden. Imagine running through the beautiful Makati cityscape on a Sunday morning!

2. LIVE FACEBOOK ALERTS You know what else is awesome? If last year’s RUN FOR HOME was the first to use the ChampionChip, automatically and accurately tracking every runner's race time, this year promises to be better as this chip can also post Facebook updates automatically. Another first!

3. 15 KM CATEGORY If 10KM is too easy for you but 21K too challenging, then the 15K route is perfect for you.

4. FLIPPISH.COM LIVESTREAM The event will be broadcast live on the Run for Home website!

5. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY And of course, the best thing about Run for Home is that it’s not just a run. Every step you take is a step to a better world as RUN FOR HOME 2010 is for the benefit of Habitat for Humanity Philippines, a nonprofit housing ministry that works to eliminate poverty housing.


  1. Aww. Yeah, I miss that Scottish dork too. Ohhh, you meant the run! hahaha. ;)

    No worries, RacerHead. There are more races to run! First Q. of 2010 palang. hehe

  2. A blog post with a special mention --- bring tears to my eyes, why don't you?! A post dedicated to you is on the way on my blog!

    Did you get the invite to my new blog? I put more of the gory details that I don't want to share on FB there. :)

  3. I appreciate your PO very much the picture with the article. Continues to refuel!!



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