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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Wee Steps to Marathon-hood

A wise running guru once said, "It is better to be over prepared than under prepared".
I admit, I do feel a little bit under prepared for the upcoming Cebu Marathon this Sunday...
Brisk Walk Here, There and Everywhere
For most of November and December, I haven't been running as regularly as I should have been. A busy work schedule and social obligations made me squeeze in as much "training" in my everyday routine as I possibly could. I brisk walked everywhere! It's a far cry from running, but at least it was enough to make me work up tiny beads of sweat.

Project V (is for Veggie!)
A few months back, my friend Gabby and I watched the screening of Earthlings, a docu-movie about animal cruelty. Save for the day after Christmas, when our cook prepared lechon paksiw, and the day after New Year, when my brother made the yummiest, cheesiest beef lasagna, I'm proud to say that for 40+ days now, I've been 98% meat-free!

I've been protein-loading with tofu, eggs, and fish instead. At first I was worried that turning pesco-vegetarian (no birds or mammals) would not give me the needed energy and nutrients to run, but it turns out that Ultramarathoner Hector, had also started that diet. That's a good sign, I think.

I don't feel thinner, but I do feel a lot lighter and healthier- body and soul.

Operation Hydration
During my 21K (tapering) training run last weekend, I met Paolo, who conquered his first marathon with a triumphant finish, but with horror stories on the 30th kilometer. It was bloody scary. Apparently, if you don't have any more water to give out, blood would be the next obvious choice. Yikes!

His words of wisdom: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

So, goodbye to that extra cup of coffee everyday. I've been investing in buko juice, nature's version of Gatorade instead. I also bought a bunch of my marathon needs in Second Wind Running Store last week. Included, is a SaltStick capsule, that should replenish the lost electrolytes during the run (More on this after I road test it on D-day).

Practice Maximum Lung Capacity
My dog, Imp, has been misbehaving more than ever lately. I'd scream 'til my lungs hurt everytime he'd get into a fight with my brother's dog. Baaaad doggies.

So there you go. My wee steps in preparation for my first marathon. It will never take the place of actually getting off your ass and doing training runs, but do you think it makes sense? Do you think it would make an iota of a difference? Do you think it's stupid (I know it SOUNDS stupid, but maybe...)? Do you have any more tips I can cram in less than a week? Let me know what you think. We can compare notes on Monday. ;)


  1. walk to drink at all water stations whether you are feeling good or tired. the earlier part of the race that you do this, the better for you when the 30s loom.30-60 second walk breaks at the stations will help you get to the finish line.

    most of all, savor each step and enjoy your 1st 42.

    run,walk or crawl if you must!


  2. Hi bugobugo85.

    That's great advice! I usually try to go forward as long as I can without stopping and usually end up burned out nga by the end. But you're right, this is a full mary. Totally different rules apply.

    I'm looking forward to conquering this marathon and enjoying Cebu scenery along the way. =)

  3. Good luck on your first Janine, I wish I could join you there. I feel you're more than ready, have fun.

  4. Thanks, Vener!

    Long time no see ha. I miss you and Xty already! I wish you guys can join the Cebu marathon as well. Run Unlimited has always been one of my best support systems. hehe.

  5. Good Luck Janine.. and don't resist the cebu lechon, its the yummiest in the whole wide world:)

  6. Hi Bigben!

    Uh-oh, that's going to be my Project Veggie's downfall. haha. I think resisting Cebu's lechon will be much harder than finishing the marathon. I have 5 hours (if I'm lucky!) to think about that. Hmm...

  7. wow! good luck, janine! :-)
    i heard the 42k route's a beauty. enjoy the cebu scenery as well! :)

  8. Good luck this Sunday Janine! Savor every moment.


  9. Go Veggie Girl Go! THIS IS IT! Whatever will be will be. Que Sera Sera...

  10. Hi digitaldash!

    I haven't been to Cebu for years now, so I'm super excited. =) I heard it's really hot and humid out there right now though. Yikes!

  11. Hi Dindo!

    I will, thanks! I will probably remember each and every step I'll take throughout the course. The good, the bad, and the ugly included. hehe.

  12. Hey, hey Running Fatboy!

    How's your foot? This is it! Thanks for the moral support on my marathon, even if you're injured. =)

  13. good luck on sundays race jan. just remember, when all else fails... brisk walk. :)

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Hi Schlagger!

    Thanks! =) Monday now. All good. Life after 42K is terrific! hehe

  16. about your veggie trouble, you've got to motivate yourself! I'm a vegetarian (have been for almost 2 ears now) and my first month was super hard!

    But, i made it. If you can run marathons, you can certainly give up meat.

    Have you ever tried ginger tofu?
    it's so yummy that i scoff at meat now. (and bug the hell out of my friends!) look up some veg-head recipes!
    Go vegetarian!



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