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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bachelor Run (The Night Before He Said "I Do!")

Can he do it? Can he run his greatest race and finish strong? Nope, it's no Ironman or Ultra Marathon. It's Running Fatboy's last leg as a bachelor, and his race to the road of official coupledom (is there such a word?). Running Fatboy is getting married. And what better way to celebrate this joyous occasion with but, what else? A run!

{Thanks for being the official photographer, Kerv.}
{Running Fatboy fueling up with caffeine and chicks (haha) before his 15K run.}

{J-Ngo Siblings @ 10K}

{Running Fatboy with soon to be cousin-in law, Kerv; with sister, Nat;
friends, Jeanne and Johnny Walker (Thanks for the booze, Jay!)}

So much for my theory on skipping out on the 15K to have "5K less chances of falling DURING the race". Ironically, this happened AFTER the run.

{Bridesmaid/Runner with a boo-boo.}

{I'm not sure who's more stupid. Me or the sprinkler? Wait, don't answer that!}

{Party Place = Benny's Trunk}


{A toast to the happy couple...}


{Last night out with the boys.}
{Congratulations, Dennis & Per!}


  1. Ouch! I missed you at the post race party. Congratulations to RFB, the real winner.

  2. Hi Vener. Oonga eh. Bachelor ka pa naman that night. hahaha. Just kidding, Christy. We missed you!

  3. Wow congrats RFB, wonderful news! Hey Janine hope your bruise is alright :) Naks bridesmaid! :)


  4. Hi Luis! Thanks. All good, except for a bruised ego. haha. =)

  5. Super late reply. By now your wound should be all gone. But, wow, that was huge :( I cringed with that double alcohol pic! haha

    Congrats to RFB who's probably done with his honeymoon by now :)

  6. wawa naman.... still congrats...

  7. Hi Jaymie! Hi Red!
    Thanks for dropping by. I think it was more of my ego that was badly bruised. haha. ;)



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