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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Roasting Run (Kenny's Urbanite Run 2009)

Sure, the night was a hot one. You can barely feel the breeze. But despite the heat or the crowd, the Kenny Urbanite Run was a roasting success!

I did the 10K race, and after feeling a stitch on my side at the 2.5K mark, I was mighty glad I didn't do the 15K route. Funny thing though, after the race, most of the people I asked said they felt a side stitch at around that time as well. Was it the heat? The after dinner race time? Or the Pan Chicken dinner from Pancake House?

I gave myself a few minutes of walk time to recover, then promised to quicken my pace all throughout the rest of the run. We passed Lawton, made the U-turn, and headed to hilly McKinley. The heat, coupled with a pitch black road only intensified what felt like the longest McKinley Hill route ever. Too bad the glo-sticks we had were wearing off. It would've been nice to see glow-in-the-dark shapes dancing in the dark streets. And since my sister borrowed my trusty iPod, I just had to amuse myself with my mantra for the night: Do not trip. Do not trip. Do not trip.

After an hour of running, the grounds of Bonifacio Global City was finally within reach. And in true sneaky runner fashion, I speeded up at the sight of the finish line (and sound of cheers from the k2 posse) to salvage those precious seconds on those ubiquitous giant timers.

{Thanks for the pics, Chach.}
{Blame the endorphins.}

{Like a gazelle...}

{Leo doin' the running cha-cha.}

{Gabby's going too fast, she's all a blur.}

{BFF Chachi is a cheerleading pro!}

{Chachi, with my crazy marathon idols, Macky and Iah.}


  1. Sure was a god-awful hot night that time, I distinctly remember. Looks like you had fun with your friends though! And that's the important part :) Take it easy Janine hope all is well. :)

  2. Hi Luis. You got that right! =)



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