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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tea and Sympathy

{Talk About Wit-tea: Ctrl, Alt, Del Tea Cup Set}

I reach for my tea and slowly drink in the absurdity of the 21K race form (Paid!) I hold in my hand. After weeks of zero running, the reality of panting and gasping through a half marathon only gives me a feeling of dread. So, what's a delinquent runner to do? Press Alt Z to Undo!

Yes, this little chicken downgraded a 21K race kit to a 10K. I'm all set to simply enjoy the Adidas KOTR experience, instead of just trying to NOT die while running down Buendia. ;)


  1. Kaya mo 'yan, you're a veteran. Are those from your keyboard? Galing.

  2. of course you can do a 21k! you've been doing 21k's! :-) but good thing it's just ctrl+z, and not ctrl+alt+delete like those nice tea cups. hehe.

    hope to meet you in future races! :)

  3. Where can I get that tea cup set, ang galing!

    Of course you can do 21k, pacing lang yan.

  4. Nag anonymous. I posted the comment above.


  5. Keyboard Tea Cup Set- currently on my wish list. Available online. =)

  6. Hi Vener, Digital Dash, and Dindo! =)

    Thanks for the very supportive words, guys. =) I kind of miss doing 10K's din, so it's a nice break. Then, I'll make sure to be back in 21K races (and hopefully a 42 soon!)- faster and stronger. hehe.

    Are you guys joining Adidas KOTR? It took me 2 1/2 hrs to get my kit. Yikes!

    Hope to see you all soon. =)

  7. Can't join KOTR, I'll be out of town that weekend. Sa Timex and NB na uli.

    The nice thing about doing 10k after a couple of 21k's is that it usually ends up as a pr race :-)

  8. Dindo: A new 10K PR is what I'm counting on. =) hehe

    Have fun outside Manila. See you at the next race!



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