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Monday, April 25, 2016

Minimalist Shoe-oops!

Insta Minimalist Shoe? :(

Soooo, I went trekking over the weekend and wore my trusty old running shoes (instead of investing in trail appropriate footwear), and this happened. :( Yikes, how embarrassing. 

The trail was a bit rocky, but good thing the ground was dry, so that saved me from a dangerous situation of slipping on the rocks. Our guide was ready to patch it up with duct tape, but I insisted that I was fine. Since the shoe was sewn as a whole, it just felt like a bootie once the sole fell off. It helped that I had insoles as well, so that cushioned the walk. 

I wasn't so bad, I guess. I had a glimpse of how barefoot running must feel like. In fact, I kind of like the feeling of having a constant foot acupressure every time I landed on a rock. The little pebble-sized ones hurt though.

Tell you all about the trail soon! That part was fun. :)

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