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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Eco Warriors Slash Runners (Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2016)

I was supposed to run at the half marathon category, but decided to downgrade to a 10K instead. Good thing I did, as I really enjoyed the leisurely run, especially since we've been drowning in sweat these past few weeks. Is is just me, or is this summer especially scorching?

I must say though, I'm glad that the organizers had the foresight to make the gun starts earlier. Though it's not unusual for the full or half marathoners to start madaling araw, I appreciate that the 10K category started earlier than usual at 4:30 AM, which saved us runners from the extra hot morning. 

I even finished the run early enough to enjoy the runner's village with no lines at the booths. Little victories. haha. I felt bad that I wasn't able to line up to drop my "I am running for the..." stub my chosen beneficiary's drop box though. I kinda forgot 'coz I was busy checking out all the booths. For the record, I am running for the Irrawaddy Dolphins!

All in all, I think the Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2016 was a success! Thousands of people joined (I think they even added more race bibs), not only in the Philippines, but also simultaneously across Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Taichung. And what's good is that I saw a lot of runners bring their own water bottles to help minimize the disposable cups at the water stations. Good job, eco-warrior runners! :)

Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2016 Results here.

10K Starting Point at BGC

Rockstar mascot!
Didn't know who he was.
I heard someone say he's the Meralco Man, but it turns our he was the Cherifer Boy. ;) 

Kalayaan bridge.
Look at that sky! How do you even describe that? Cotton candy, maybe. :)

A kilometer away from the finish line at McKinley Hills.

Congratulations, eco warrior finishers!

Betadine game. Steady hands (not mine).
I won a bunch of sample packs here.

A new muscle spray player in town. All natural ingredients and all the way from India.
Bought a can, since it's only P120 introductory price here at the run (from P400 original).

A Starbucks booth at the runner's village.

I probably deserve this Frappuccino, right? ;)

All natural brewed tea by homegrown brand, Bayani Brew.
The teas were brewed by nanays from Gawad Kalinga.

Ice cooooold iced tea!

Thank you for the race kit, (Jinoe & Que). :)

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