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Saturday, April 25, 2015

PC Picks: Power Chow at Salcedo Community Market

Summer weekends are meant to be sweaty. And as long as you're not clad in office attire, welcome, even. Nope, wasn't out for a run (I ran yesterday), but for a few errands, which included a lot of eating and shopping under the sun. ;) 

Here are some of my favorite finds from Salcedo Market. All healthy, of course! 

Nat Soda Live Juice

I ventured off to the honeybee stall, Milea Bee Farm, which sells honey products. I was hoping to get a cold honey drink because it was a really hot day. They didn't have any, so I got the Yacon flavored juice (to go with my not-so-saintly burger) instead. Heehee. 

Nat Soda Live Juice are fresh fruits fermented in honey with kefir water. It's called "live" juice because of the probiotics found in the kefir, a combination of good bacteria and yeast. Yacon, a root crop that is similar to singkamas, is naturally sweet, so that means this drink is sugar-free! This also comes in other flavors: Pineapple, Butterfly Pea (floral), Pomelo, and Lipote (Philippine berry), which I'll try the next time I go back.

Kale from Down to Earth

The "It" superfood of the hour... Kale! Got this bunch from organic store, Down to Earth, which I had planned to chop up to pieces and freeze, so I'll have a steady stash ready for fruit-veggie smoothies (a la Jamba Juice).  And then I saw THIS...

Just Blend Frozen Bars from Picole Ice Pops

Aaaahhh!!! What is this bar of ingenuity that I have in my hand? ;) Oh, Picole, you homegrown brand of healthy popsicles, just when I thought that you couldn't get any better than you already are, you actually one-up yourself! Just Blend is, well, a blend of different fruits and vegetables all conveniently condensed in a frozen bar that you can easily pop in the blender for an instant smoothie fix. No ice needed!

I got a box of Just Blend's Green Glow (malunggay, kale, wheatgrass, cucumber, green apple, kiwi, lime) and Red Radiance (pomegranate, red beets, tomatoes, cranberries, washington apples, red bell peppers, red cabbage). One bar costs P43. You'll need at least two bars per serving. For less than a hundred bucks, it's way cheaper than store-bought ones or than buying all the ingredients individually. 

The Salcedo Community Market happens every Saturday from 7:00 am - 2:00 pm at  Jaime Velasquez Park along Salcedo Street, Makati City.

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