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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Home, and Foot Bound

Nope, not injured. Just staying in and getting a foot spa. Us, runners, have to keep our feet looking good and feeling great, of course!

Product review to follow after a few days (effectivity as per label). ;)

UPDATE: 4-5 days after soaking, my feet started to peel. It resembled the way skin peels off after a bad sunburn. Around 8-10 days, the peeling got worse (which is actually better, in this case, because it means the topmost layer is shedding(?)... molting(?)... regenerating(?)). Even the thicker callouses on my heels and big toes peeled off on its own. By this time, I felt very self-conscious wearing sandals or even flats. My feet looked a bit gross with almost every part of the surface peeling chunks of skin! Now on the second week, after all the dead skin cells peeled off already, my feet is softer and looks brighter. So this is what a snake feels like. Brand new! ;) 

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