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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Temple Run Race Kit Redemption (1st Angkor Empire Marathon 2014)

At the EXPO in Apsara Angkor Resort & Conference
Siem Reap, Cambodia- The day after we got in (red eye flight), we quickly went about claiming our race kits to cross that errand out of our itinerary. The EXPO was held at the Apsara Angkor Resort & Conference Hotel. We knew how to get there, as we had seen it the night before on the way from the airport. It was around 20 minutes away from Firefly Guesthouse, where we stayed at. We then decided to just ride bikes going there instead of hiring a tuktuk. Our rental bikes were only USD $2.00, which you can use the whole day. The proceeds from The White Bicycles go to charity too. I haven't ridden a bike for years, so I had a lot of getting used to to get used to! Aside from the sun beating down on us (it was almost noon), getting to the venue was pretty much a smooth ride all the way. 

Since this was my first international marathon experience, I was looking forward to seeing how the EXPO would be. I was mentally setting aside a budget for race souvenir stuff like shirts or mugs. The EXPO, however, was just a straightforward race kit redemption area. No frills, not even a sponsor booth was in sight. The EXPO was held at a separate event center beside the hotel. It was a cozy area with intricate architecture. 

Our mode of transportation for the day.
$2/day for The White Bicycles bike rentals for charity.
Early Bird, No Lines.
This is it!

Chip Check.
Yup, it works. Now if only we can do the same for our feet on race day! ;) 

My Sister & I.
Temple Run Runners. 42K and 10K, respectively.

Angkor, all mapped out.

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