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Friday, August 09, 2013

The Stuff Scars are Made Of

A colleague and I were talking about a campaign we had to come up with- something about how tablets, mobile phones, and online games are replacing traditional childhood toys and games. We were stumped! Mainly because we probably refused to believe that this is how the new generation perceives fun.

Scars are a scarcity nowadays. And I'm not quite sure it's a good thing. I had countless scars throughout my childhood (and even as I grew into adulthood. haha). From stitches on my chin, to knees that resembled a tocino, every scar held a memory.

It reminded me of days spent running on the grass while dribbling a football with my teammates; Falling UP the stairs while playing cops & robbers with my siblings; Tripping over my two left feet, and laughing about it.

Scars, to me, meant getting off my butt and ACTUALLY MOVING. Experiencing. Living.

I wear my scars with pride.

Well, maybe except on days when I'm all dolled up in a mini skirt. ;)

Here's a throwback of my collection of scars. From the good, the bad, and the fugly (funny-ugly). What's your scar story?

The GOOD Scar
1. Blocking a goal from the other team
2. Winning a bet jumping over a hurdle (I was 8. My younger brother bet me I couldn't jump over a counter chain at the supermarket. I did. My prize was six bloody stitches and a lesson in determination... and humility).
3. Rescuing an old lady from being hit by a train (Just kidding! I made that super hero story up.)

Canine Crime Scene
*Sorry for the graphic content. It wasn't as bad as it looks.
The BAD Scar
1. Getting a bad burn from firecrackers
2. Spilling newly boiled water on my thighs (NEVER transfer boiling water to a glass pitcher EVER. Let it cool down first.)
3. Being a casualty from two warring dogs (Even my dogs have scars. :( ~sigh~)

Kris Kross' Jump!

The FUGLY Scar
1. Falling UP the stairs while playing cops & robbers
2. Sliding down the school corridor while dancing to Kris Kross'  Jump! on a rainy day (Am I revealing what era I came from with this blog post?)
3. Tripping over my two left feet AFTER a run (See blog post here.)


  1. Wait til you get birth scars from motherhood. =) Ultimate BEST scar!

    1. Hi (Anonymous)! I'm sure it will be. :)



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