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Thursday, February 09, 2012

How To Win Vertical Run Race Kits

Christmas may be over, but Skechers Philippines is still in a very giving mood. I recently blogged about how I won a pair of really awesome shoes here. And since I'm pretty much still psyched from that piece of good fortune, I'm sharing the love of winning!

I'm giving away ten (10) race kits to the Discovery Vertical Run 2012 to be held this Sunday, February 12 in McKinley Hills.

(For more details on the Discovery Vertical Run 2012, check out Gigi A.K.A. The Fit Mommy A.K.A. My GO RUN Nemesis' blog.)

Just tell me your gameplan on HOW TO FINISH 60 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS IN 60 SECONDS. Of course, we all know that's a purely rhethorical question. So, just go ahead and go crazy with your comments (i.e. I'll strap a rocket to my back and zoom up while singing Far East Movement's Rocketeer).

Out of the box ideas are more than welcome!

The first ten (10) people to comment on this blog post will win one (1) Vertical Run 2012 race kit for the Skechers GO RUN 5K category (no stairs for this one though). The only rule is that there is no rule. 'Coz really, sometimes you just have to do something crazy once in a while to win. ;)

Oh, and don't forget to put your FULL NAME as part of the comment. ;)

NOTE: I will be leaving the names of the first ten (10) commenters at the Skechers Store in Market! Market!. You can claim your race kits there from Friday-Saturday (Feb 11-12). If someone is claiming on your behalf, just have an authorization letter ready.


  1. I will set myself on a giant catapult, angry bird style!

    Christopher Iblan

  2. I'll set myself in a pulley system. The cable's ends are for me and weights (probably double my weight). Probably, wearing a cape for my debut flight. :)

    Alison I. Barrero

  3. i will wear sexy running attire to distract my opponent para maunahan ko sila..

    claridel guanseng

  4. I'll bring my bodyguards to wash away the other runners.. lol

    richard francia

  5. I will eat a lot of chocnuts para hyper!!

    leticia guilas

  6. I will put a spring on my feet so that I can jump several steps and leapfrog on other runners.

    Elvin A. Evalla

  7. I will practice as early as now to win..

    Leandro Clor

  8. I will take lots of energy drink to be stronger and faster.

    Jarowin Villaruel

  9. I will wear nothing so i'll be lighter during the run..

    Leonard Clor

  10. I will ask for powers from my ancient Chinese relatives.

    Hanna Rose Pua

  11. i will use DAHON for the rest the race..:)

  12. I will ask help from the Flash.

    Rosalia Castro



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