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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back to Basics (Greentennial Half Marathon 2011)

{Official Snaps by Pocari Sweat}
{Check out the collection of Km markers from my half mary.}

I dub this race as my "things of semi-first". I say semi because the last time I did a half marathon was almost a year and a half ago already. Yikes! I didn't realize I slacked off from running long distances for so long now. I consciously took it easy after my back to back full marathons, so when life got a little bit busier, I didn't even notice how fast it zipped by.

The Greentenial Half Marathon was held in Aseana City, near the Mall of Asia complex. This being my turf (I live and work within the vicinity), I was expecting the usual MOA route.

Since it had just rained the night before, the weather was still a little nippy. A good thing, since the heatwave (even without the sun) has made doing anything unbearable lately. Coupled with the sea breeze, the 21K leg was off to a pretty good start.

One nice thing I really enjoy with long runs is how you start off ahead while it's still dark. No matter how many times you've seen the sunrise, it's still as amazing as ever. Last Sunday's backdrop was painted orange, pink, and purple. Aseana City was slowly becoming a favorite running venue every passing minute.

A regular MOA complex runner, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a new route via the Greentenial race. A bit off the beaten track, the 21K route took us to what I'd like to call "the secret garden". A rotunda just beside the PICC had lush greeneries that made you forget you were in the city. I'll be sure to add that to my usual MOA route from this point on.

We were lucky to have good running weather during the first half of the run. Ample water stations and road showers were also available as the sun started to beat down on us. It was tempting to go under the water, but with an ipod plugged into my ear, it would just lead to a disastrous outcome. And seeing that I was still immensely enjoying Bruno Mars lazily crooning to my run, I just chose to sweat it out. The banana breakfast and moist towelette was a great follow up though. Those I welcomed with open arms.

By the last part of the run, I could feel my calves start to cramp up. I finished the race with an average time, but for someone who has been quite the veteran in half marys, this was below average in comparison. Oh well. Still an enjoyable run through and through.

I can't wait for my next half marathon (in Nuvali for Greenfield Run)...


  1. Good to know you're back again into the races, particularly the long ones. Ditto with me. See you at the greenfield run. 21km?

  2. I know! Having first time jitters is kinda exciting... ;) haha. Yup! 21k! See ya! =)



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