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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fueled By Mamon (Goldilocks Run 2011)

{Running proxy for RFB's preggy wife.}
{Goldilocks Run results here.}

I had no plans of running any race this particular weekend, as I had every intention of being out of town, salvaging the remaining summer basking under the sun. But sometimes plans don't push through, and the Universe just keeps telling you to, well, run. If running under the Manila summer sun is the closest thing to basking that I can get, so be it.

Not. Complaining. At. All. ;)

Ran steady. Ran strong. Ran happy. Looking forward to my upcoming half marys in the next few weekends. Please be gentle.

ROTC (return of the comeback),
{Go for gold!}

{Greeted by higantes at the finish line.}

{With first time 5K runners, Arlene and Lisa}
{Yay, good job!}

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