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Monday, March 14, 2016

Into The Blue (& Pink & Purple & Yellow & Green...) (Watson's Sun Warrior Challenge 2016)

What do you get when you crossbreed a race filled with colors with a race filled with obstacles? 

Color Manila Run: Watson's Sun Warrior Challenge 2016
Color Manila Run is at it again. And this time, they paired up with Watson's to give you a whole new level of colors and fun in the sun! I've been lucky enough to be a recipient of a free 10K race kit via Kikay Runner's blog (Thank you, Noelle!). I've been to a number of Color Manila Runs already, and every experience has always been crazy fun. Last weekend's run was no exception, except that they can only level up! And by level up, I mean bring you more challenges than you could imagine. And by challenges, I mean giant slides, and the like.

Mere words can't express the whole experience, so here's a splash of colors for you to enjoy. :) 

When Watson's UV bracelet turns from white to purple,
it means you need to get a good dose of sunscreen ASAP!
Starting to see rainbows...
Slide into wave of fun!

Runners Bond.


Look at the streets... Look how they shine for you...
It was all yellow...

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