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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Facebook Memories & Mark Zuckerberg's "A Year of Running" Challenge

I like how Facebook has this "Share a Memory" feature which takes you back to the posts of yesteryears. This morning, this photo popped up in my news feed...

This was from the Condura Run way back in 2010(?), I think. It's a nice memory, especially since it kinda bummed me out that I didn't get to join this year (because I'd like to think I'm such a Condura loyalist. haha). It was my cousin's wedding the night before, and we stayed up merrymaking until the wee hours of the morning. So, family (and sleep!) trumped running.


On that note, have you heard about Mark Zuckerberg's, yes, the founder of Facebook, running challenge? It's 365 miles in 1 year, or basically a mile a day. 

Add yourself to the group "A Year of Running" on Facebook. This is a pretty attainable goal for newbies and a fun community to take part in for seasoned runners. Check it out!

A Year of Running

Are you up for the challenge?
I love seeing the different places people run in on different countries. From a leisurely run around a mundane neighborhood, from urban jungles to the real ones, it's just cool to see how people from all around the world are connected via running. Everyone has good and bad running days. Everyone needs a push every now and then. Everyone is just out on a run. How fun. ;)

Oh my, now that's an awesome running backdrop!
I feel ya! It's like you're running in UK too.
From running in urban jungles to trail running in jungle jungles... Just wow. 

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