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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Capping Off The Week With Brand New Kicks

Just a quickie post: 

(Sharing my good vibes to everyone. Go forth and multiply.)

Guess who WON brand new running shoes  awesome running shoes! From the moment I laid eyes on those baby blues, I was hooked. When we touched, it was a perfect fit. And then we ran together... it was love at first step!             

Skechers GO RUN Minimalist Shoe

I'll be posting more about the shoe and my awesome GO RUN moment soon. 

Oh, and look what finally came in the mail... Pretty much worth the wait, dontchathink? ;)

Happy weekend, peeps!


  1. NIce kicks indeed. Mine is yellow (LOL).

  2. Congratulations Parekoy! Saan ka next tatakbo? Bumili din ako. Ang lambot ano? :)

  3. Hello, hello, people! It was really great running with you guys. =) I love the shoes! Super lambot nga. And, maybe it's psychological, but those impulse things really work! hehe.

    Hey Gigi! =) No def run lined up yet (officially registered), but will probably do Unilab. See you there!

  4. First time seeing your blog.. your name and you look so familiar, I can't remember where I met you before long time ago, maybe one of your friends' .. are you the former soccer or football player or something like that?.. anyway goodluck running!



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