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Saturday, January 29, 2011

2011. Unlimited Dreaming. Check!

{Win a contest. Check!}

A few days ago, I stumbled on an online contest inspired by The Body Shop's newest fragrance, DREAMS UNLIMITED. The contest was easy enough, just leave a comment answering the question "What is your dream for 2011, and how do you plan to achieve it?"

I answered a non-running related dream- To create a children's book with a matching line of merchandise and furniture to boot. And yeah, I have dusted off ye olde sketchbook already! Out of 287 entries, my "dream" was one of the magic 20. Yay! Talk about a nice inbox surprise.

I had a chat with Ana Santos, author and founder of the blog, which sponsored the contest. And she mentioned that just by writing your dreams down for everyone to see, the Universe (and you) will do everything in its power to make it come true. Why not, right?

Just like my book dream, it's time to level up. So here I am writing about my 2011 running dream- To finish another marathon in 4:30 (or less). So, in between pages of my book(!!??), I'll have to be logging more kilometers as well. Alrighty, let's do this, Universe! ;)

{Next to cross out- Run a 4:30 marathon!}

One of the prizes included a power planner from Belle de Jour. Every year they (BDJ) come up with a bucket list of things to accomplish for the year. I got such a kick out of ticking off item 64. Win a contest first (see topmost pic). Next on the list, item number 42 in record-breaking time! Oh, and since we're already dreaming anyway, hopefully my next one will be in New York, Barcelona, Disneyland, or some other international marathon.

What about you? What's YOUR dream this 2011? I'm curious... and the Universe wants to know too!

{Thank you to Ana of,
and Mona of The Body Shop}
More than the thrill of winning (I love simple pleasures like that), it was meeting these women, hearing their dreams, and knowing what they did (and are doing) to achieve them that was so amazing. Cheers to unlimited dreaming!


  1. janine! so nice to meet you :) hope to see you again! :) good luck on your running!!!! go barcelona :)

  2. Keep on dreaming! 4:30 marathon up for grabs!

  3. Hi Em! Thanks, thanks. Crossing fingers... I'll see you guys again, for sure! =) In the meantime, Namaste. ;)

  4. Heya Rico! Hope to see more of you in the upcoming races as well! =)



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