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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Doggone Running

I've been quite the delinquent designer, and now you'll know why.

Aside from my quest for the perfect workspace, I'm also quite the running enthusiast and dog-luvah extraordinaire. So when the perfect (and oh so fun!) opportunity presents itself and scores 2 out of my 3 obsessions, a little delay is totally excusable.

{Imp's got game}

Marathoners running around the city is not an unusual occurence, but marathoning dogs?!? How cute is that!? As much as I'd like to go the distance and do the 16K run, the pet division is just too fun to pass up. Training is going to be a bitch though (no pun intended), so a little motivation is definitely needed. If Nike has Lance Armstrong's Livestrong sportband, then Hobbes & Landes (Bonifacio High Street) has their own version as well. The doggie bands come in different colors, sizes, and slogans too. Again, how cute is that!?!! I got the (hopefully) prophetic "Run Fast" in, what else, GREEN! Perfect.

{One La Salle Run}

WHAT: One Run. One Family. One La Salle (3K/5K/16K/Pet Division)
WHEN: 13 July 2008 (6 am)
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

For more details on the run, check out La Salle Cares or Running Fatboy (Yes, he too, is an addict!) blog. You can also register in Olympic Village/Gold outlets.

(I can't wait!)

P.S. For the benefit of the One La Salle Scholarship Endowment Fund
P.P.S. Support more pet-friendly events!


  1. ooohhh, nice paw shot! Definitely should include him at our group shots after the race but you got to wait for all of us to finish first! haha...

  2. i am gonna beat that lazy Imp!



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