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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Run Meter

My first run of the year (2009), The Happy Run, did a heck of a job of living up to it's name. The race had a 3K (Pet/Costume run), 5K, and 15K route. As much as I would love to have joined the Pet or Costume division, the "hardcore" runner in me put her rubber-soled foot down and demanded a 15K nonetheless. Seeing that my last run at the New Balance Power Race was practically two months ago, 15K sounded a little too abrupt. I had three Nike Running Clinic sessions under my belt since, and each session there had me gasping for air every. single. time. But that's another story. Still, 15K is 15K. Who can resist? I say, give in to whatever makes you happy.
Happy Meter:
:/ - Hmm...
:) - Happy
:)) - Happier
:))) - Triple Chin Happiest
Happy Run Highlights
  • Despite the annoying coughing spells, I woke up feeling well-rested (probably from the whole Saturday of DVD marathon-ing Supernatural) and ready to run! :) Happy
  • New tunes in my iPod. :) Happy
  • Quick bathroom break at the Fort Strip before the race, only to realize that they charge 10 bucks for a pee! My money was in the car, and the keys were with my brother. Good thing I didn't have to go that bad. :/ Hmm
  • Great running weather. :)) Happier
  • Off to a good start. Went past a few water stations, but noted the consistent presence of water stations. :) Happy
  • Lawton Avenue and not tired at all! :)) Happier
  • Sub-60 10th Kilometer. So far, so good. :)) Happier
  • Ati-atihan dancers grooving to the beat of Akon's Beautiful and The Heritage Park(?) Orchestra playing Craig David's Insomnia (my iPod was in full blast). :)) Happier
  • McKinley Hills. Kinda walked a few steps... a few times. :/ Hmm
  • McKinley Hills. Second wind. Woo-hoo! :) Happy
  • 14K mark. A little tired and a lot tempted to walk a few, but was pulled (yes, physically pulled!) by Ting. Big thanks! :) Happy
  • New 15K PR! Woo-hoo! 1:32:48. Yay! Thanks to Nike Running Clinic! :))) Triple Chin Happiest
To the super team behind the race, the organizers, the sponsors, the runners who participated, great job everyone! At the end of the day, a lot of kids will surely be happy!
{Jinides, happy to conquer her first 15K}
{Photo-op with Paolo Abrera}
{Happy meter off the scale!}

{Ohh, alright... We're happy to have a photo-op with you too, RFB! hehe}

A Beer in Killer Pink

{ Pink Killer, the cutesy-patootsy packaged beer, packs a wallop.}
{Okay, okay, maybe it's just me...}
I'm not much of a beer connoisseur, just a lover of cool flavored drinks (this one's Pink Grapefruit. How fun!) and even cooler packaging. Spotted at The Distillery (tentative name- the establishment is nameless and signage-less as of the moment) at Fort Bonifacio.

Psst! Get pink'd at Beautynomics Blog.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Opening a Can of Silkworms

My 2009 challenge (well, aside from resolving to be a more diligent blogger... oops.) is to LITERALLY open a can of worms. Make that a can of silkworm pupa, to be exact.

As a New Year's dare, we (me + a bunch of brave/bored souls in the office) took it upon ourselves to step out of our comfort zone (in our case, it's the 7-11 downstairs) and try something new and crazy to greet the year ahead of us. That can of silkworm pupa (c/o Lenard, the frequent flyer) which was purchased on the lines of "bring me back something exotic..." was finally ready to be opened.

Nestled in red, blue, and yellow packaging, it was an innocent looking de-lata. Upon closer scrutiny though, you'd find that instead of the usual luncheon meat or corned beef, is a bunch of stinky, brown, roach-like objects. Gross.

As the ring leader (or #1 trash talker?), I couldn't really back-out from this eating challenge, now could I? After a nanosecond of deliberating, I simply popped it in my mouth. Mmm. No false advertising here- it tasted as good/bad as it looked. Like a stale (giant) garbanzo bean marinated in ten year old rust. It wasn't that bad, although one was enough. The aftertaste was just too weird, even for a self-proclaimed adventurous eater like me.

So, here's to 2009- to conquering the unknown, facing our fears, and opening more cans of worms. Figuratively. =)

{ This tiny thing is deceiving.}

{A bowl to conquer.}

{Dave, the undefeated bug eater.}
{For the record, three.}

{What's bugging you, Cargo?}


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